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Middelburg 2019 Airshow

Added: 23 May 2019 | Section: Calendar

I would like to thank Irene and Richardt Lovett for hosting, running and looking after all that worked behind the scenes, Rickus Erasmus for running a safe and jam-packed airshow, Mr Airshow, Brian Emmenis, who keeps the crowd on their toes and who is a walking encyclopaedia on all things aircraft.

Brian had the crowd shouting with excitement towards the end, applauding the displays.

Most people do not understand the work that takes place weeks before the show and the amount of man-hours that go into organising a show, both before and during the show, Keith Fryer for all his advice...

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Stellenbosch 2019

Added: 24 May 2019 | Section: Calendar

When one thinks of Stellenbosch one thinks of wine farms hundreds of years old, university and a laid-back valley. Saturday the 23 March 2019 changed all that. The "Stellies"air show took place four years after the last one. The excitement was tangible even the night before.

We arrived just after 07:00 and there were queues already trying to get in. The tickets were sold out 24 hours before the show started with 5000 tickets having been sold. This was due to health and safety inly allowing 5000 tickets and, as one moved around it was very difficult with so many people in such a small area. The vendors were sufficient to service the masses however, a few more may have prevented the long queues. The show started with what has become a test...