Dassault unveils first 5X

June 3, 2015 – Earlier today (2nd of June) the French manufacturer Dassault unveiled the latest addition to its product range at its production facility in Bordeaux-Merignac: the new Falcon 5X. Aimed at customers willing to trade some range for unprecedented cabin floor space, the Falcon 5X is receiving attention especially from customers located in the Middle East. The first flight is expected to occur within the next two months.

The new Falcon 5X comes with several new features that differ from earlier Dassault products like the 7X and 8X. Having only two engines instead of the usual three is the biggest eye-catching novelty. To deliver additional rudder authority required in case of an engine failure, the Fokker-made vertical stabilizer of the new 5X is considerably bigger than of the other upper class Falcons.

The new 11,450lb-thrust Snecma Silvercrest engines that will be fitted to the 5X are still pending certification, which is expected to occur mid-2016. First customer deliveries are planned for 2017, which makes the engine certification being a considerable hurdle that yet has to be taken.

The new Honeywell-made EASy III cockpit offers more space than ever, and a fully adjustable, comfortable third (jump) seat. Bigger windows and a new HUD system vastly improve the piloting experience, and further reduce the work load of the two-pilot crew. The rear cabin features for Dassault unprecedented floor space, and a new roof window installed in the entrance galley of the aircraft. Dassault latest and largest jet - yet offers 5,200 nautical miles of range at a cruising speed of Mach 0.80, connecting city pairs like Johannesburg and Geneva. The listed price for a single Falcon 5X is currently at 45 million USD.


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