ATNS, SACAA PARTNER WITH DRC AVIATION ENTITIES Johannesburg, South Africa. The Democratic Republic of Congo Civil Aviation Authority (L’AUTORITÉ DE L’AVIATION CIVILE OF THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO), RÉGIE DES VOIES AÉRIENNES OF THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (DRC RVA), Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) and South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) have recently signed an agreement for flight calibration of air navigation systems of airports in the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO.

This event took place in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

In terms of the agreement, ATNS will provide ground navigation services which will include surveying of all air navigation facility sites in the DRC - in WGS 84 standard and ground preparation of navigation aids for flight calibration at five airports. Three are international airports, namely Lumumbashi international, Kisangani international, Kinshasa international and Kindu and Bunia, which are regional. SACAA is expected to provide flight navigation services that will encompass flight calibration - at all identified airports.

The duration of flight calibration of ILS, VOR, DME, NDB Beacon and PAPI (annual routine check or commissioning control) will be calculated in flight hours and will be defined as the time between BLOCKS OFF and BLOCKS ON for each device to be calibrated. The conduct of flight measurements for calibration of equipment includes as many flight checks as necessary until adjustments of system parameters are within normal operating limits.

With regard to the deliveries (duration trips out of calibration), the calculation of flying hours for positioning time starts from the home base in Lanseria airport, Johannesburg until arrival at the first Congolese airport and back. Repositioning time between Congolese airports will be counted from brake release (BLOCKS OFF) at the airport of departure until arrival (BLOCKS ON) at the destination airport.

Both ATNS and SACAA have the required equipment, technical expertise and human capacity to perform the calibration according to the requirements as prescribed by ICAO.


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